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Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Things do appear to be coming to a head. But the masses are oblivious. Constance, I think the article is good wake up call, if I am not mistaken I think that is your full intent. As we all read - there of course are numerous pages of text we all undestand and know simply from investigating the development - even in our own sheres at times - of understanding.

I think as written - is it as intended - a good wake up call. Now - does anyone have any good ideas on how to get before the eyes of the masses - quickly? Constance, I posted this comment last night on your previous thread comment 18 Just a coincidence we were focused on the same event?

Water everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Only determined and concerted multi-lateral and trans-societal effort by international actors can avert this spiral of disorder. This PDF doc… http: A fitting, albeit abominable, setting for men who view themselves as the saviors of the world, eh? For a more intimate look at the space that is Santa Croce see: I thought I couldn't be shocked but I just googled Wayne Peterson and went to his site: How can this be?

How can a loony-tunes like this guy be one of the biggies and all the other apparently loonies who are running this world?

Islam = Satanic Cult

When did we all walk through the Looking Glass? I corrected the typo -- but they certainly seem to be believing 'a line' that is 'a lie'! That's what I get for writing at 2 in the morning! Dear Terri, Didn't get to your email yet, but found several amusing mistakes, including but not limited to Huntington House. It went out of buiness in , NOT Joyce, Maybe you need your own blogspot on your own perspective.

Constance, I sent the email earlier this morning to the gmail address you have posted on this website. Is there another one I should use? I just re-sent it. Unfortunately, Joyce - your particular "interpretation" and view point does NOT justify that arrogance, or our undivided attention to your foot-long posts!!! They will tell you a lot. Speaking of Donald Keyes, here's a long shot, tongue in cheek sorta idea Maybe he has been preserved in a cryogenics lab somewhere Then again, maybe the idea is not so far-fetched considering the beast will have a deadly wound that was healed Not saying Keyes is the beast, just considering how cryogenics fits into the NA community.

It's just another piece of the "man is god" puzzle to defy death. There is even a link to an article by Christianity Today endorsing cryogenics. Constance, check the use of your quote marks. Reread the sentence dealing with Peter Lemesurier and change the last part. Somehow Joyce's reasoning reminds me of someone trying to use a Rubik's cube.

Take a statement from here and another from there, move them around.. I think most here would agree that the rubber appears to be meeting the road. I am only a few months old on the blog. What are some thoughts on the rapture? I've sensed some disdain for it in a few posts but no biblical support , but otherwise silence. I also understand that there are a multitude of blogs on that topic and that this one focuses on the NAM. Many are deeply divided regarding the Rapture. I support Constance's view that we will all go through the "wrath" or Tribulation first.

Only TIME will tell. Constance, Sorry, I had posted a response before on the other thread but not been logged into wordpress so lost it. The passage I get the concept of life span is Psalms It is couched into a Psalm talking about the wrath of God, and I think it is there for a reason.

I could be wrong, but this is my sense of the matter. In regards to 2 witnesses it could be Isreal and the church, but I don't think so, since the Jewish New Year is established by 2 witnesses. As much grief as Joyce gets she is right about the Mo'ed. And yes, it is something the MOSG crowd brow and change from. In terms of this article Constance, I don't like the phrase going oil shopping, since we don't need to shop for oil, thus the foolishness.

We, who have the Holy Spirit dwelling within need not look to an external source. This is part of what the NAR crowd pushes, is the external presence or manifestations. And yes, things do move quickly, but it is a matter of moving lines. There are plenty "effectual deceptions" happenings from NAR, to New Age, to evolution, to moral inclusivity, and so on. Statan really does have a program for everyone.

Broad is the path that leads to destruction. I love that you have encouraging words and wake up notes for us and those that are in need of why in the world we should care about what these people are up to. Yopu picked great scripture and applied it well. You could have done it totally different but I like what you did and how I was affected while reading. Sorry I have no negative comments.

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I went to Wayne Peterson's webpage and clicked on the link about his book and found something interesting. I'm not sure what year he was in Hawaii but this is what he says. Its only an exert from his book. Hawaiian Night School Peterson learns that the World Teacher has not come alone, but rather with a group of perfected men, the Masters of Wisdom, who form the inner government of the planet and watch over the evolution of humankind.

He becomes used to some of them visiting in the early hours of the morning, generally when he is asleep, to impart their teaching on the nature of the Self and life. Debra quoted, "An early such occurrence happens in Waikiki however, when Peterson is fully awake, and finds a luminous young man standing on the twelfth-floor balcony of his locked hotel room….. My email is cumbey gmail. For the record, to the best of my knowledge, combined with other things in my library by him, Donald Keys does not have a second "e" in his last name. It is spelled KEYS.

Let's all try a little more charity in our approach -- to Joyce and to each other! My belief on the rapture. I believe that Biblically it appears, but I do not believe that it happens PRE antichrist -- 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 2 makes that abundantly clear, equating such a teaching as deception. That passages says that the "gathering together" cannot take place until the "falling away" apostasia come first AND the 'man of perdiction be revealed. Jesus warned that many would fall away, betray one another and we would be hated by all for his name's sake.

I often wonder if thsoe prophesied as having fallen away were not profoundly disappointed and lost their faith because their eschatological expectations that they would avoid suffering were disappointed and consequently they decided the whole thing was a lie.

No matter how it happens, its in His perfect will and he has promised us the grace to see us through things. If it was good enough for Jesus to use as a parable of the 10 virgins, 5 wise, 5 foolish, 5 of which had enough oil in their lamp and 5 who didn't, it's good enough for us. I'm certain that given the sophistication of this audience that all got it.

The five foolish virgins wanted the 5 wise ones to give them of their oil. The five wise ones told the foolish ones, "go buy your own. Unity govt in Israel good for peace talks Posted by: Kadima is led by moderate Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. After final election results Thursday, the party had a slight lead over Benjamin Netanyahu's hawkish Likud. EU official Javier Solana says an Israeli government led by Netanyahu would be more difficult for the peace process. In the most likely scenario for a unity government, Netanyahu would be prime minister while Kadima would hold ministries such as finance, defense or foreign affairs.

Solana also said Friday in Washington that there could be a deal within 48 hours between Israel and Hamas on a long-term cease-fire in Gaza. Egypt is mediating the talks. I read a very interesting interview with "the master" or whatever: Much, perhaps too much, is expected of the new American President. Do you think the world is being too optimistic? Barak Obama is expected to solve the major current world crises: Surely such a task would take a superman to get to grips with? Luckily, we do have a superman who really can show us the way to solve these problems — His name is Maitreya.

The rest is up to us. The elections and the prospect of a new era in US politics with Barak Obama as President seems to have lifted the spirits of Americans and many others around the world. Do you expect a new phase of moderation and negotiation instead of warmongering? He probably would not immediately withdraw from Iraq or Afghanistan, but as soon as possible, whatever that means; but we can look forward to dealing with a President who does not seem to speak or act from ideological demagogy, who is empirical and moderate and who has a very sick country to restore to health.

He has this in his favour — Maitreya and His vision, energy and love. What an example for him to follow! Here are a few more excerpts: What will it take to convince both sides in the conflict that they must negotiate to arrive at a point where peace and tolerance become possible in Palestine and Israel? It is easy to say they should negotiate but the gap between the two sides is very wide and I am convinced that it will take Maitreya to bring them together. The problem is that a negotiated peace has to be fair to last. So far, the Palestinians have never been offered a fair or just solution.

Nor has Israel been open to negotiation on crucial matters of difference. I believe that a worldwide embargo of Israel, such as was applied to South Africa which led to the end of apartheid, would be the most effective way to bring Israel to the negotiating table. Will the economic collapse in the US and around the globe have a positive impact on the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

Mr Obama has already said words to the effect that America would stand behind Israel but financial pressures may cause some lessening of US financial support. In any case, I am sure it will take Maitreya to reconcile these two groups. The feasts of our Lord are days of celebration in the fullest sense of the word!

This here's cause for a shin-dig!! Like the river joins the ocean, as the germ in the seed grows, Can't you feel our souls ignite as we activate our prayer capsules in preparation for lift-off at the sound of the trumpet-what some of em call gabriels horn! This blog now provides sanctuary for the intellectually inept from the ravaging mob who would do harm. Charitable thing for you to do. At least "maitreya" has sided with Republicans on one matter: Also, countries already have enormous amounts of national and foreign debt, and are printing money around the clock.

Will all this make it even more difficult to switch to an economy based on sharing? Do not the debts have to be paid off first? These money-spending policies will not work. This is not a Roosevelt New Deal. The times are very different although the present situation resembles that of the s. This is the end of the Age, and order or disorder is not a passing storm. It will help people to see sharing as the only way to restructure the world economy. Constance, I've sent my corrections to cumbey gmail.

Nothing is bouncing back. It must be lost in that cyber cloud somewhere. Here are my suggestions: Paragraph space Here was what I wrote then in a book which frankly seems more current today: Something is not right in construction: Curiously enough, was also the year that the greatly focused on the Middle East. Also, there are problems with the quotes within quotes--check for complete pairs. Quotation marks are not complete in the closing paragraph: Praise God, i'm praying to be counted worthy to escape all these things like Lukes gospel writings say to do.

Christopher Field of the Carnegie Institution for Science says that carbon emissions from humans has increased more than expected. Biofuels has backfired because rain forests in Brazil are being cut down to produce more soy. The problem of course is human beings. Also when i said celebration of feast days i was reffering to specifically Rosh ha shanna- the feast of trumps in particular. I don't know all so much about the other feast days but plan on learning their meaningfulness.

Constance, I concur with your reading of 2 Thessalonians, but to bring another point of view to light, in my Bible study- they specifically say that what is being referenced in the passage after the "apostasy" and the "revealing of the man of lawlessness" is the Day of the Lord- not the gathering together. Since my translation has the word AND I would expect that they go together, but there was something about it being in the Greek, it only references the last phrase, Day of the Lord.

Perhaps someone with better knowledge of Greek construction could shed light on it, because it totally changes the meaning of the passage. Otherwise, Constance the article sounds good to me, I have already sent a link to several friends to check it out. One thing several of us newbies have trouble with is understanding the "plan" of the New Agers and I really don't have as much time as I used to to read all those books. Thanks Constance for tking the time to sum it all up.

I guess that should be "taking" not tking. Perhaps I should proof read before hitting send. Constance, I happen to agree with you about the "rapture". I want to point out from the Scriptures that Yeshua said very clearly: He is also explaining to His disciples what to expect, what to look for. It seems logical that if He didn't think His followers had to consider all of this He wouldn't have warned them. Yeshua isn't having 2 Second Comings but one, so how would that work if there was a rapture He would come secretly??

Another point about "not knowing the day or the hour" is that Yeshua's incarnate presence on earth, meant that He had specifically limited Himself in very specific ways. He physically died and we know that God cannot die, so even though He was all of the fulness of deity in bodily form, He was subject to limitations as man, that He wasn't as God, by His choice obviously.

Without getting too much off subject though, the other verse people use to justify the rapture is that we are not destined to wrath, which I agree with. We are not destined to wrath His children but wrath is not the Tribulation and God is able to protect us as He did Ancient Israel, when He was pouring out plagues on the Egyptians judging the gods of Egypt. God will judge also the gods of this world, which is why I don't worry too much about all of these seemingly powerful globalist types.. If the exodus from Egypt is any example, we see that the first few plagues did touch Israel, then the rest of them would occur only on the Egyptians, even though Israel was still in Goshen.

And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years. Now, I don't want to be beheaded, but the Bible seems to indicate that there will be those who refuse the mark of the Beast, and will be beheaded.

I know some who use this verse to say, that the antimessiah will be a Muslim because beheading is still practiced in Muslim countries. One thing we can say for sure is that some believers in Yeshua will face persecution: Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints. Today, our brothers and sisters in other countries, particularly Muslim countries, but in other places too are persecuted for the Word of God, so I want to suggest it is very American to think we will never suffer, but it's not very Biblical..

Almost all of Yeshua's followers faced violent deaths. I don't like that idea anymore than any of you, but I would rather be prepared for the idea that it could happen and trust God to give the grace necessary for whatever He permits, than think I'll never suffer and be disappointed if hard things come. Whether the "beast system" is Muslims, New Agers, or some combination combination of the above, we know that those who hate Yeshua are ultimately inspired by Satan, and they will want to destroy anyone who testifies to Him.

It's important to remember this verse: Almost as much as I detest "the New Age" is my aversion to snideness and snobbery, such as what was posted by this anonymous one apparent represents: It is never pretty to see a group gang up on a person. I was picked on as a child in school because my mother was a little diffrerent.

I won't have it here on my board as long as I can control it. You will just have to learn to get along. State your case without unduly belittling others! Joyce, you are correct, but respectfully speaking, it appears that most on this blog are regrettably not familiar with the Jewishness i. It's a shame too because understanding the Jewishness of our faith in Christ reveals prophetic clues in scripture that are otherwise not revealed: Leanna, Here is Young's literal which can be helpful: Bear in mind that some think a lot of this was fulfilled in the first century with the Roman ruler Titus.

I happen to not agree with that perspective because if we read Yeshua's words carefully in Matt 24, He's actually addressing two things. It is interesting to note that the idea of a rapture is only a couple of hundred years old and comes from Darby and the theology of Dispensationalism.

This view of Scripture separates Israel and the Church, instead of seeing it as one "ekklesia" "called out assembly" "qahal" from the time of the Wilderness. I believe that God has been building His Assembly from the Wilderness and all of the saints of Tanach OT are part of it with those who are "post-Yeshua". Yeshua was not born yet?? He wasn't incarnate yet.. He was always there and Moses looked forward to His day.. He saw it from afar. All of the men of the heros hall of faith in Hebrews 11 looked forward to Yeshua's day and were justified.

They are part of the ekklesia, the "called out assembly" which is translated in our Bibles "church" but is a bit misleading because in Hebrew the word is qahal and means exactly the same thing. Hi Tony from Vermont, Nice to hear from you. Bible Fanatic, You are right. Because of centuries of Bible translations that had particular biases, and anti-semitism, which is a shame because Yeshua came from the tribe of Judah Jews , and also David and we should all be "hebrews" which means we crossover from our old life in Babylon to follow the Living God..

All the writers of the Bible were Hebrews and without an understanding of that perspective we lose much. Ruth understood this when she said, "your people will be my people and your God will be my God". I'm going to do what my enemies accuse me of and write two more posts. Israeli elections are really messy and now Lieberman who would have joined the Netanyahu government is being accused of money laundering. Israeli politics is a little complicated, but I suspect that means more shared power for Livni and Netanyahu..

It's been a bizarre election with both claiming victory. We will see what the implications are for the peace talks, but if the Israeli economy like other economies is down and if US starts threatening aid, Israel might bow.. Something else to watch is the reform in Saudi Arabia: She is a beautiful and very modern Muslim woman.

The Prince himself claims to be a "modern Muslim". She was quoted as saying she has an international drivers license, which she uses when she leaves Saudi Arabia. The Prince supports these reforms, has women who work in his office uncovered Remember in Saudi Arabia there are religious police on the streets that beat woman if a little speck of hair is showing. I think these moves are significant in trying to bridge the "Clash of Civilizations" to make the Alliance of Civilizations..

Motives for the WTC bombing:

We should keep our eyes on this. Remember Saudi Arabia, like all Arab kingdoms has to balance their internal problems with the many radical Muslims who would like to do to Saudi, like Khomeni did to Iran and overthrow the king in favor of an Islamic Caliph. This worries countries like Saudi Arabia quite a bit, so they must balance between Western interests and their own internal problems. Islam doesn't say women can't drive.. The Quran was written when cars didn't exist, so We won't even mention the laws that punish women when they are rape victims..

Obama is a universalist, if one listens to his speeches. If Islam can improve it's image in the Western world, it will help greatly to establish the Alliance of Civilizations Good message to Joyce Constance: This is an example of belittling others which is bad. Countries are composed of people and the government doesn't speak for all of the people. Israel isn't a "thing" that can do something. Israel doesn't "trust" the US. It doesn't implicitly "trust" the US. It has diplomatic relations with the US, each side hoping to gain something.

The US is not a "thing" that can follow God. The US is a governing body. The writer belittles Israel and the US for not following the superior advice she feels she gives. This is not a playground with a teacher with a ruler in her hand. Please do not belittle posters here with such simplistic comparisons. At the risk of abusing my welcome, I want to put something that I found: Take a careful look at this site: I suspect we are seeing at least in part some of the plans for "solving the problem of Jerusalem". I'm speaking of the government, whose decisions are not based always on the Torah, but more often on political, economic realities..

I happen to love Israel, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem true peace and long for the day when Messiah comes back to reign and bring that peace. You don't have to feel that you are the defender of Israel or the posters. Israel does not always follow God and neither does the US, and in these two cases it should be fairly obvious, I am referring to the government leaders who don't always base their decisions on the Bible..

The Bible indicates that too by the way. God does bring judgement on nations, I'll remind you: Then I will center into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have dscattered among the nations; And they have edivided up My land. I hope that the US, that I also love, does not do what the prophet Joel said, but I'm afraid it probably will and the nation will be judged because leaders do bring judgement on their nations, unfortunately Since the leaders of many churches and other religious groups now think Israel should be divided too, it's not surprising that the government is able to do this.

I do know many Jews, Christians and Messianics who live both in US and Israel who do not want to see the Land divided, so there are many individuals that see the Biblical implications of this Sorry that I didn't word my post to your satisfaction. There are definitely hints of Dorothesque thinking in the comment though, so it doesn't surprise me.

Still praying for that Dorothy. Constance, You're going to love this one: I don't think we've exhausted the research on Jerusalem academy or Academy of Jerusalem Praying for you Farmer Bjorn! God is watching all you do. May The Holy Spirit strengthen and comfort you. Using the first of each pair you see it spells out "A LIE" in that very order no less. And then, as if to convince even the hardest heart, the remaining letters of the four pairs spell the same words again - "A LIE". Of the 17 letters 9 are used only once and four A LIE are used twice.

Isn't that what we are being fed continually? Gone are the days when an individual never lends his name or organizational name to a new operation unless they are deeply involved with the works. What you've shown Joyce, is that there is a culture surrounding interest in the future of Jerusalem among many other things. Whether this culture speaks with one mind and can influence the future of Jerusalem is another issue.

Research has become harder and harder as we try to determine where in the pyramid of organizations around the world each group really stands. Follow the money and not the letterhead. Not too shabby, but a insignificant compared to what will be needed to finish the plan there: If you know how to find it, I'd be interested to know.. Joyce I would like to write about the Bosch connection, and the situ there was not always so clear as it is now, with their hands at Biometric tech developement, when Robert Bosch was still alive he was an outspoken oppenent of Hitler as can be read in former German president Theodor Heuss book , still he had prison workers working for him.

I was sometimes partying in his private villa and build a Bosch website after the plan of his house but stepped out of Bosch Stiftung later when I found their Biometric involvement, even though they offered my good money, as money is something they definitly have not too less. The company Bosch is owned by the foundation and not the other way round Hi Bjorn, Thanks for clarifying that.. One can accept or reject analysis that is offered, but to allow constant judgements couched with such obviously derogatory remarks as "I am amused" seems unnecessary.

If you want to prune the hedge here, make sure you attend to all the brush. There's been enough disrespect for others on here to go around. Let's seriously try for a kinder and gentler board. I, for one, am sick of the squabbling. Let's post our information without sniping at each other. Kung is a Catholic priest and Swiss theologian whose authority to teach Catholic theology "missio canonica" was rescinded by the Vatican on December 18, Since he is a priest and not a bishop, he can't ordain other "Kung clones" to the Roman Catholic priesthood 2.

Declaring Kung excommunicated MIGHT have done more harm than good by making Kung appear to be more of a "martyr" than he makes himself out to be. Since his books are not likely the type of books ordinarily read by rank and file Catholic laypersons, whatever DIRECT influence Kung might have on the Roman Catholic laity has been relatively limited - especially in view of the rescinding of his "missio canonica" in However, these are a few facts about Hans Kung that are NOT a matter of mere guesswork and ought to give one pause concerning the infiltration of the so-called "left wing" of the New Age Movement into the Catholic Church A false "ecumenism" that seems to be "Freemason-friendly" in light of the fact that Kung received an award from the German Freemasonry in Grand Master Jens Oberheide said that the ideal of a common ethical foundation based on human rights and the demand for freedom, equality and fraternity that underlay Kung's foundation was also "fundamental" for Freemasons.

Although the Vatican has rejected Freemasonry, Kung said the award was an encouragement and added "Hope In an interview with La Repubblica, however, he said: This pope has made serious mistakes. Actually, he was neither defrocked nor barred from teaching theology, but merely prohibited from teaching it as a Catholic theologian. Nevertheless, his world was painfully changed. Even now, he persists in introducing himself as a "Catholic theologian," and he still refers to the CDF rebuke as "my troubles.

His current Global Ethic materials open with the extravagant claim, "I know from experience all the dark sides of the religions. My apologies if anyone has already posted these. But with regard to links containing data on the New Age, "two is better than none. I don't want ANYBODY on this site to feel inhibited to post information leads for fear that they may not have drawn "proper conclusions". I am quite capable and most of you are as well of going to the links and between us we can gain a fuller picture of what is happening. None of us are perfect -- at least, not me!

Constance, Sorry I didn't explain myself better. I view the "shopping oil" as being looking toward external resources, or an external "presence. Ultimately we who have Jesus as Messiah, who have turned in surrender to Him, have all that we need and recognize that we don't need any external or internal source of "oil. In general, each of our ability to submit and wait on God is but small. We all have "little faith" or little oil beacuse we all too often get far to caught up in our selves and are own ideas.

I see many of the deceptions as being pointing at ways to "get oil" that are false. The NAR and "Revival" crowds point to external manifestations. We have the Holy Spirit within. It is all elevation of self and false. So, when I see the term "shopping oil" while it may be used as a reference of getting right with God, I see it by many as taking these paths of deception to "be ready" instead of growing in dependence on God.

Our dependence on God is always generally small, our faith is generally little, because our self gets in the way far to often. Dear Constance, This is a heads up. I just sent you an e-mail with news concerning a mutual friend that I am sure you would want to know about. Well Eckert Tolle is on ABC News tonight Sunday 15 Feb 09 , the national feed, and he is being interviewed saying that Christians believe what we do because of our "ego". This was an interesting interview because I never heard this poor nut speak before.

Its very diffcult to digest what he says as though he means it. So as we head into the end days, lost folks like this make our mission work that much more difficult, and forgive me, I cant help it, I find folks like Tolle somewhat amusing because of their pious self-worth, which I guess comes from those who say that we save ourselves, and not our Lord. There are so many like Tolle who need our prayers. Please try to keep their salvation in your prayers because they have no one and their isnt much time left.

Joyce, Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for "planting a seed" of truth. When I first started reading the blog in December I found the time to read all of it and your many postings with scripture and specifically the statement about most of Christianity severing Yahshuah's Hebrew roots stuck. For the last few months myself and a close friend were really being led to start observing the true Sabbath and we have begun to do so. I am working on learning the unclean food laws and am looking forward to the appointed times - the moyedim, and made the commitment to give up the very nasty pagan originated festivities of "easter" and xmas.

I meant to provide my email before, this is not my personal but for obvious reasons will use my site one and then give my personal one. Please email me if you have anything you'd like to share. The UN body consists of innumerable smaller, themselves, muti-faceted organizations called NGO's, working at all levels. The arms, hands, legs and feet are the individuals that carry out the work of the UN in smaller communities.

In a October Vienna meeting it was discussed further and officially adopted.

Product details

Just a small sample includes: They make no apology for acknowledging the Aquarian Age Community http: Printed and distributed by the Aquarian Age Community with the kind permission of Mr. His father has partnered with the United Nations and the World Bank -all part of the 'new world order' he has made the way for his son. Maybe the end will be around , after Jesus's death Suzette, Glad that it's been helpful.

I'm conscious of the fact that what I say will make some people uncomfortable because I'm calling into question ideas that have been accepted for years. A lot of us today are discovering the Hebrew roots of the faith and observing God's instructions about food and participating in the Biblical feasts. This is not just in USA but worldwide. I met people from South Africa, China, etc.

Personally, I think it has to do with the regathering of all Israel, and I don't just mean the Jews, I mean all of Israel, the Jews, the 10 scattered tribes and the nations who become like Ruth. I'll write to you one of these days soon. Nothing new under the sun is there.. It's just staggering to see the spiderweb of connections between all of these folks and how quickly this deception seems to be going mainstream, as per Alice Bailey.

When we think of who UN is, it is especially troubling to see the churches so easily attaching themselves to it. It's that idea that if somehow we are connect to something big we have significance and are "doing something". God really doesn't need this kind of "help". Thanks for the encouragement Joyce, and thank-you for all the links you've provided in your recent comments. So many interesting leads to follow up on and see where they take us.

I agree also with your observation in your earlier comment: It's good to know this blog is supporting the notion that the birthday of our Lord and the day that honors His resurection are now only "the very nasty pagan originated festivities of xmas and easter. Out with Christmas and Easter. Maybe one of the Ascended Masters can tell us. Anonymous, Let me address your comment: Personally, I try not to use the expression "pagan" because I have many dear friends who celebrate these things and sincerely intend to honor the Lord doing it, so I never criticize anyone that does.

However, having said that, the revisionism happened in a. Yeshua's birthday was no nor does His resurrection correspond with Easter, but rather with Passover, so one must ask the question where did the revisionism come from and why? Constantine was not shy about saying "I don't want to associate with the Jews" so Passover was out of the question even though it was celebrated by believers in Yeshua many years after He died. Certainly we know that Paul did: As for Christmas Christ's Mass.. There is never any indication that any of the Apostles celebrated such a holiday and we know that the Catholic Church took many pagan holidays an "christianized the".

There is a fair amount of historical evidence that Christmas coincided with the feast of Saturnalia. Christmas trees are pretty clearly described in this passage, and it seems like in Jeremiah's time God didn't like them, so not sure He would like them any better now: Christmas corresponds with the winter solstice, speaking of New Age, but most people don't realize this history. It is much more probably for a number of reasons that Yeshua was born during the Feast of Sukkot, given a 40 week gestational period from the time of the announcement of her pregnancy.

This can actually be calculated based on the tour of the high priest Zechariah, husband of Elizabeth, and then subsequent visit of Mary to her cousin. The other aspect of Sukkot Feast of Tabernacles is that it has to do with God "tabernacling" with us. There are other factors, such as the shepherd tending their sheep in the fields that most historians and theologians agree excludes the possibility of a December birth..

Now, having said all of this, there are some people who are aware of the historical origins of Christmas and think that you can "redeem" pagan things.. Personally, I don't see the redemptive value in Christmas. It just makes more sense to me to follow the feasts that the Lord said are His "appointments" Those can be found in Lev 23, but also in other places in the Bible if you are interested in learning about them.

I prefer not to use the expression "pagan" to describe the holidays that Constantine established, but rather focus on the blessing it is to celebrate the feasts of the Eternal that are Biblically and prophetically extremely meaningful. I think the evil one would not want us to learn about these because he prefers to keep us in the dark.. If you study God's feasts in your Bible you will be greatly enriched and blessed.

There's a lot of emotions and family memory attached to Christmas and Easter, so I realize this keeps a lot of people from questioning them and God knows their hearts, so it's not my place to judge someone who has not learned about the Biblical feasts, but I am happy to share about them. Rudi, I haven't had time to look, and don't know if I will because I'll be tied up a lot for the next week and change, but HEB went to Ethiopia, which I find fascinating.

If I'm not mistaken, legend has it that he is a product of the union between King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. There are Muslims, Christians and Jewish Ethiopians, many of whom have made aliyah means going up, but going up is always to Israel or Jerualem. It just seems interesting that he chose to focus on that. It's also interesting that in Israel, the Ethiopian Jews have more difficulty integrating. The story of the Ethiopian eunuch indicates that he might well have been one of these descendants because when he ran into the Apostle Philip remember, he was reading Isaiah.

I love this story: So he got up and went; and there was an Ethiopian eunuch, a court official of Candace, queen of the Ethiopians, who was in charge of all her treasure; and he had come to Jerusalem to worship, and he was returning and sitting in his chariot, and was reading the prophet Isaiah. Now the passage of Scripture which he was reading was this: Of himself or of someone else? When they came up out of the water, athe Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away; and the eunuch no longer saw him, but went on his way rejoicing.

Wonder if HEB is a aware of this passage. He definitely reads the Apostolic Scriptures.. Depending on time and internet access, I want to look at this more. Rudi, This one I just found: The list of participants is nothing short of amazing.. This was about 1 week after the Mediterranean Union was formed.. Take a look at the participant list and save it..

There's a lot more on there, but want to focus your attention on HEB's participation in this: Mr Philippe Saunier Panelists: Here's the trip of HEB's to Ethiopia: I should have been more sensitive in my wording, but knowing this very vile and satanic custom is where we get the notion to dye eggs was one of the most disgusting things I've learned about the origins of our religious practices.

I am still reeling from this and my post was in the passion of that revelation. As always, Joyce does a kind and great job of answering with the love and peace found in the Messiah. I on the other hand do tend to be blunt, and often insult people, or stir them up, but my point is still valid. The history goes that Nimrod who was the original one world government organized to oppose God, was himself worshipped as a god. When he died not very god-like his widow declared that he had ascended to the sun to become the sun-god Baal and had impregnated her by his rays.

Her son was Tammuz. Tammuz died at the age of 40 after being gored by a wild boar. The ancient Babylonians would celebrate and commemorate Tammuz, also declared a god, by giving up one item they liked in their life so that Tammuz could have it in the afterlife. Tammuz died at age 40 so they did a day for a year, giving up something for 40 days and culminating in a feast in which they would kill the pig that killed Tammuz and have a feast. Tammuz mother was believed to be a goddess, Ishtar, it was said that she came from the heavens in a giant egg, landing in the river Euphrates, hatching and turned a rabbit into an egg laying bunny to prove her divinity.

Virgins were given to the priests of Babylon and impregnated upon the alters of Baal and their 3 month old infants were then sacrificed a year later and eggs were dyed in their blood as part of the commemoration. Most of the traditional Christians I know celebrate it and say it is for the glory of God. They take anything that is pagan and slap a Christian bumper sticker on it and call it acceptable. If we really try to know God, we know this is unacceptable. He was very clear on anything that was even slightly tainted with false deity.

I can no longer continue in these very offensive customs knowing where they originated. It is for others to understand the true meanings and choose for themselves. But if no one knows, but only believes the lies we have inherited from our fathers, then how can any of us even begin to clear the fog, to truly walk in the ways of Yahshuah Jesus? The most obvious point is if you are a true follower of Yahshuah Jesus the Messiah you have to believe these things to be true 1 that Yahshuah was Jewish 2 that for Him to be the Messiah He was without sin, not one, ever.

What scriptures were being taught in the synagogues? Of course The Old, because the New wasn't written yet. Therefore, Jesus never touched a piece of pork a day in his life and yet, we have on the two biggest days that are supposed to celebrate our very Jewish Messiah, that the number one food eaten is Who do you think thought that one up?! Sometimes it's so obvious we miss it. I did, for a long time. Now I'm trying to see it, to have the scales lifted from my eyes and the wax removed from my ears and my heart.

Everyone else has to come to that place on their own. I'm sorry I'm offensive, that I don't often say things in a loving way, that probably doesn't best serve Him - truly Yahshuah has more work to be done with me. I apologize for being so blunt; hopefully I will get better with His grace, but I'm trying to make a point and I think the time is long gone for the whip cream and cherry on top version. Not that that's what you give Joyce - but this is what the world gives - the leaven.

God is not random, He does things to an exacting degree, and it would only make sense and is indeed fact, that the events in Yahshuah's Jesus life were completely connected to and shadowed in the feasts of The LORD.

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The Jewish calendar is lunar, ours is not. The calendars and years have even been smudged and changed over time. God's time has not; He is the same today, yesterday and forever. Also, if we as people and a society, indeed, the whole world, will go to the trouble to observe a holiday that is based on false pretenses, why would it be a trouble to observe a holiday set in stone by The Almighty? Ask someone to go into debt for Xmas - no problem.

Buy gifts for people whose names they don't even know, the bus driver, the mailman, the UPS guy - no problem. Spend hours decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, cleaning - no problem. Cook and eat special and specific holiday foods - no problem. Concoct extravagant and intricate webs worldwide of lies and trickery to fool the kids into believing it's a rotund old man in a red suit that's keeping an ever judgeful or rewarding eye on them - no problem.

But tell a person that from nearly the beginning of man God Himself set apart holidays, or feasts for us to celebrate and keep, and people start exploding like eggs in a microwave. Now that seems to be a problem. Suzette, I am off to some meetings so I don't have time to respond to you right now, but I will if you can give me a little time.

I can be blunt too, but I've just come to understand that the Abba works in different people's lives on a different schedule Suzette- I find your representation that Easter is nothing more than eggs and ham puzzling. The Ressurection is the central event of Christianity. Without Jesus of Nazareth rising from the dead, death remains death forever. To not honor the Ressurection is to not find life in Christ. If you find Easter to be nothing more than child's play based on some esoteric ancient practice, I feel truly sorry for you.

I do not need nor employ eggs and ham to celebrate the Lord, but like many, find Easter to be a day to celebrate the completely undeserved gift of salvation. The Incarnation Word made flesh is the most humility inducing dogma in Christianity. Why would God choose to abase himself with becoming human in nature, a gift beyond imagination?

I believe because like any loving parent, Abba Father would do anything to restore life to his children, including being born in a manger and dying a horrible death on the Cross to restore us. Is that not what Christmas is? Are you throwing the baby out with th bath water when you deny these days? This blog gives you a bully pupit to promote your negation of central Christian tenets.

I could not have expessed my thoughts on this any better. Well, if Susette want to turn Christianity into a Dr. Suess cartoon by mocking Easter and Christmas. I'll be praying for you, Susette. I am not saying I cannot and will not celebrate or commemorate these events. But I will remove as much as possible the pagan practices that have undeniably been mixed in with the true appointed feasts as set by Our Heavenly Father. Did any of you look into the origins of the currently practiced forms of easter and Xmas? If your expert research skills can find any other explanation for the customs we follow these days, if you can show that there were no pagan sun-gods whose birthdays were on Dec.

I've got a mountain of beautiful decorations that will hit the garbage heap and a family that will be sorely deprived if you can't. I'd love to find that all these customs are based on something to do with Abba Father or Jesus Christ the Son. Do you think it is easy to give up such things? You think by not putting up a xmas tree I deny Christ? Or by not giving my kids baskets full of chocolate bunnies I am denying the resurrection of Jesus? On the contrary, by taking away the very commercialized, over-marketed, distractions to the true events and meaning, I and my family will find a deeper and greater appreciation for the miracle of The Savior's life.

If you could say that when you put up a xmas tree, "I put up this tree because Mary and Joseph had to flee through a forest of pine trees when they had to run for their lives. But what of these customs originated with, points to or promotes Yahshuah the Messiah? How many of us have gone through the motions of all these things, assuming they meant something, but never knowing and never asking?

I'm trying to point out that God The Father already told us how to celebrate these, and when, and most of us weren't or aren't doing it. I believe it's a personal choice, but we ought to have the whole truth to make that choice. I don't have it all, and neither does anybody else except God and Jesus , but we should at least be looking. And please keep praying for me, this is certainly a difficult and lonely road to travel. Pray that I only find truth and share truth, that I stay humble, that I act in love and not self-righteousness, those are needed prayers and I can use all I can get.

Dear Suzette, I understand the questions of conscience that you have spoken of here regarding the traditions and trimmings used to celebrate the birth of our Lord and the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Paul's letter to the Church in Corinth has been a precious guideline, for me, when it comes to making decisions regarding family traditions that we participate in throughout the year to celebrate the holidays. But if anyone says to you, 'This meat has been offered in sacrifice', then do not eat it, both for the sake of the man who told you and for conscience' sake- the other man's conscience, I mean, not your's.

For why should my freedom be judged by another man's conscience?

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If I take part in the meal with thankfulness, why am I denounced for something I thank God for? I can only pray for people who practice such things, and present a Christ-like example of worshipping the Holy of Holies, the Lord God Almighty. If I believe that the presentation of a tree with family ornaments, passed down from generation to generation, which hang on it each year could cause a guest in my home to stumble because THEY worship trees, then I gladly leave the tree in it's box in order to better serve the Lord.

Our Christmas holiday is centered completely on the celebration of the birth of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We do not worship trees, nor do we worship any objects that reflect the holiday in any way. Even if we changed the times and seasons in order to separate ourselves from the world, we still would not worship anything or anyone other than God. In our family we refer to "Easter" as Resurrection Sunday.

At times we have colored eggs and grabbed baskets to go hunting for them in the back yard. But, we worship the resurrection of Jesus alone. I can support your concern that we, as Christians, should take the time to consider carefully the matter of implementing traditions that we incorporate into our worship during these holidays. But as Paul states plainly, "The Earth is the Lord's and everything in it.

Obviously, it was just the way you expressed yourself rather than what was in your heart that may need some "tweaking" on future postings in order to avoid further misunderstandings on this blog. May God bless you. Suzette, weather I agree with you are not is not the point of this comment. The point is that I have come to notice a few things about this blog. One is that anyone who expresses their conviction or ideals will be mocked. Even if your intention is good This is the same way a bully will pick on smaller kids.

So, don't be surprised if people make fun of you about your convictions. The verses that the concerned readers repeatedly cite are For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. First, there is the immediate context of this passage. The very next verse, Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good.

Keil and Delitsch, the well-respected Old Testament commentary, confirms this interpretation that the trees in question were idols that were then worshiped C. Eeerdmans Publishing Company, , From the foregoing, it is abundantly clear that the "decorated tree" to which Jeremiah 10 refers is an idol, very likely the Asherah. Therefore, it is very superficial Bible interpretation and pure silliness to understand this passage as directly referring to the use of a fir tree for Christmas!

If, and I repeat, if those who set up a Christmas tree fall down and worship it as a god or goddess, complete with altars and incense stands, then Jeremiah 10 applies here. Or if someone loves their Christmas tree more than God, then such a thing might also be considered spiritual idolatry. But apart from these exceptions, I think it is abundantly clear that Christians who erect Christmas trees are NOT worshiping them as gods or goddesses, nor are they loving them more than their Savior Jesus Christ. They are simply using the Christmas tree as a fun custom, one that can remind them of Jesus who is the branch of David Jeremiah One that can remind them of the tree that led Adam and Eve to sin, but more importantly, the tree on which Christ Jesus died to make atonement for the sins of the whole world Acts 5: