Apache CXF Web Service Development

WSDL First Development
  1. Different Types Of Services
  2. Developing SOAP Web service using Apache CXF
  3. Setting up your build
Apache Camel+CXF SOAP WebService+JBoss Fuse-Hello World Example

But if you need to add any feature e. Request Logging, its available out of the box and you need to add that dependency separately.

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These two provides integration point with Spring. The above configuration will expose soap endpoint at given address.

Different Types Of Services

Also, notice that We have also mentioned logging feature to be enabled. This feature will make sure that soap request along with other request related parameters is logged.

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This data is logged at two points, one when a request is first received by framework and two, just before a response is sent out. To make sure that Spring takes note of our XML web services definitions, we need to import it into the main application. The same you can see below:.

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Now go ahead and run your application. It will start at default port Once started hit the URL: But you will be getting it through CXF Download. For XML Configuration support: For standalone HTTP support: For JMS transport - geronimo-jms. For Spring you can download its latest version say 2. So while creating WSDL file this will consider. Default it will be like Arg0, Arg1 etc.

Developing SOAP Web service using Apache CXF

But if we are giving some names then that will be more identifiable in the WSDL. Here we are writing the Impls of our Interface methods. WebService annotation is marking this class as a web service implementation. Get your copy from CA Technologies.

Setting up your build

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