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There are a lot of ways of making your way through Europe. Ellie and I opted to take the fastest route everywhere we could. Even so, we ended up taking regional trains on our journeys from Paris to Barcelona and Barcelona to Antibes. Other trains, mostly regional ones, will not allow you to reserve at all. Although the majority of our trains required reservations, we ended up making reservations for all the trains for which reservations were possible.

I highly recommend this. You have to pay extra for reservations, but knowing that you have a seat reserved is worth the peace of mind. Interrail and Eurail offer a reservation service. This fee includes free worldwide shipping, and the peace of mind that all your train reservations will arrive in one single shipment. Of course, you can also book the reservations by yourself by contacting each railway company individually.

We reserved everything on May 4, and received the reservations in the mail about a week later.

We only ran into one issue while reserving our trains, which was that the reservations for the fast trains from Paris to Barcelona could only be done at the train station. We also ran into a rather small issue during our night-train that took us from Milan to Vienna. Somehow the times we had on our reservations for that day were an hour behind, so we missed our connection to Budapest. We went to the service desk and they were kind enough to reserve a seat for us on the next train to Budapest.

You can read more about reservations on the Interrail site here. The train network across Europe is big, very big.

You can see here for yourself. My original idea was to go through: I quickly scrapped this idea once I realized that the train journey from Budapest to Istanbul would take more than 40 hours. You can see a map of this first idea here. Ellie brought me to my senses and we decided on a route that was more achievable, affordable, and which would actually leave us with something to do except sitting in trains all day.

So, we opted for this instead. We spent three nights in each city. We decided to travel in the mornings to avoid overly crowded trains. The latest fast train we took, which left Amsterdam at 11am, was absolutely packed with other Interrailers. Thankfully we had reservations, and I know that you will too. Being prepared is almost always the best policy. Below you can see how we organized our travel. All times are displayed in 24hr format to avoid confusion. I recommend at least 30 minutes when changing trains to account for delays that might happen. Pancras to Paris Nord, 9: Charles to Antibes, June 12— Antibes to Milan Antibes to Ventimiglia, 9: The night-train actually arrived to Vienna at 9: As I mentioned above, the service desk at the station helped us out and they were very nice.

There are a lot of ways of making your 1-month pass last longer than a month. You are able to do this because the Eurostar train that you take from London to Paris is not covered with the Interrail Pass. The accommodation that most young travellers opt for when Interrailing throughout Europe are hostels. As a couple, we wanted to be able to wind down at the end of the day.

We decided to book everything through Airbnb. It will give you an idea of their values and how they operate. Booking all of our accommodation through Airbnb allowed us to fully personalize our stays to our liking, giving us the opportunity to be more immersive within the cities that we visited. That might even be cheaper than a double room in a hostel in some cities. And it is definitely cheaper than a hotel in any of the cities we visited.

running the world milan italy blaze travel guides kindle edition Manual

Every host wants you to have a truly immersive experience, and they are always more than happy to serve as a guide for the city and the local culture. You can have a look at which Airbnb we stayed by clicking on the corresponding city: This is where it gets exciting. What are you going to take for this entire month on the road? The folks over at Tortuga Backpacks did an excellent job with their book Packing Light: They also make an excellent backpack, which I will explain below.

I took as little as I could, but enough to only have to wash clothes three times throughout the entire trip. But what if I need this? I am going to be specific about my photography equipment and how I took it, so that if other photographers read this they can see what worked best for me. I carried all my personal belongings in a money belt, which I kept under my shirt at all times. When we were travelling, the daypack would be stowed away in the bigger backpack. Before I even booked our first Airbnb, I knew that there had to be something more practical out there.

What we were doing, essentially, was travelling from one city to another. To me, they succeeded. The Tortuga is rugged, easy to carry, easy to pack, and it stored everything I mentioned above. You can find out more about the backpack on their website. As a disclaimer, we did receive the two backpacks in exchange of providing a truthful, unbiased review of them at the end of our trip.

If we would have hated the backpack, or it would have broken throughout our trip, that would have been truthfully reflected in the review. If you are looking for more reviews, you will find hundreds on their product page. That said, we stayed as close to the center of each city as we could, and cooked only once for the duration of our entire trip.

Of course, the prices for the accommodation and the Interrail reservations only reflect my half. In addition, the Interrail Global Pass prices are also constantly fluctuating. As I mentioned above, you could cut your personal spending and the cost of the accommodation in half if you wanted to. You could also forego the train reservations, and opt for regional trains instead. Of course, you might be roughing it a bit like that. This is an outline of what it cost me, and your costs will not be identical. Yes, you read that right.

The Ultimate Budapest city travel guide

In an effort to be as thorough as possible I want to go ahead and speak about each city we visited and what I thought of it. Each restaurant and activity that I recommend is fairly priced, accessible, and highly enjoyable. I have reviewed almost all of them on my Tripadvisor page. To me it felt like New York, but more polite, historical, and sophisticated. The Eiffel Tower is mesmerizing, and you cannot miss the hourly light show that happens at night.

Everyone was very friendly to us, and the classic jambon beurre baguettes ham and butter were delicious. The people were friendly, the beer was cheap, and the tapas were endless. It felt like the ideal cross between city and quaint living for me. The outside is beautiful, but the inside makes you feel like you are in a concrete forest. Although Valencia is the undisputed home of the paella, you will find that Barcelona can make one that is almost as good. We stayed with a family friend here, so thankfully we were able to avoid having to pay for accommodation.

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Besides Antibes, there are many other places along or near the French Riviera worth your time: Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Grasse are a few of them. Those that you do not end up loving are just as important, because they help you assemble a more complete picture and come to a more genuine overall appreciation of the experience. Milan had a lot to offer, without a doubt. Nevertheless, the Duomo is one of the most architecturally beautiful structures I have ever seen. The Expo is also currently underway until October 31, Also, you cannot leave Milan without having the local snack of choice, a Panzerotti.

A Running-Travel Guide That Blazes a Path in Budapest and Beyond

We had these at Luini Panzerotti. We left with a newfound appreciation for this beautiful city, and a longing desire to go back. It is raw around the edges, a city embellished with centuries of history that have mostly done it well. What took us so long?! Budapest has an excellent public transportation system, and was by far the cheapest out of all the cities we visited.

We had an absolutely unforgettable dining experience at Comme Chez Soi reserve in advance , the best baguette sandwiches at Bors Gasztrobar , and great coffee at California Coffee Company. Vienna is also known for its open-air market, Naschmarkt. We did all of this, and pleasantly enjoyed it. Budapest, Hungary , published by Blaze Travel Guides. Blaze Travel Guides , BlazeOn blog , destination-oriented running , featured , running , running Margaret Island , running the Danube , Taylor Chase , travel , travel planning , travel tips , where to run in Budapest.

I didnt know that travel guides for runners even existed. Thanks for the post!

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I just purchased some Vibrams time to break them in. I had my Margaret-island moment last week when I was in Budapest. It was pretty much the same experience as written above. But I discovered the island and its running track during my first run. Cheers to these awesome writers, and Blaze […].

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