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When something cuts off the flow, you have a heart attack.

Without oxygen, the cells in your heart muscles start to die in minutes. A widow maker is when you get a big blockage at the beginning of the left main artery or the left anterior descending artery LAD. You will have the same warning signs as you would with other types of heart attacks. Quick treatment can save your life.

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Call right away. Heart attacks, including widow makers, usually happen because of a combination of lifestyle and genetic reasons. Cholesterol and fatty plaque clog your arteries over time and choke off blood. You may survive a widow maker if the emergency room doctors can treat you quickly. The ER team races against time to unblock your left main or LAD artery within 90 minutes of your heart attack.

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Restoring the blood flow can prevent scars on your heart that can do permanent damage. Instead, your doctors most likely will need to place one or more stents. Widowmaker was sent to King's Row to assassinate Tekhartha Mondatta , the Shambali leader, as he made a speech. As she made her way to her vantage point, she reflected upon how she had been frightened of spiders as a child, drawing an implicit comparison to Widowmaker herself -- neither one felt emotion or had a beating heart. She lowered herself, upside-down, off the side of a building using her grappling hook and began to line up her shot.

However, unbeknownst to her, Tracer was also at the speech. Just before she could press the trigger, she was distracted by Tracer blinking through the air towards her, pistols firing.

Widow maker

The two engaged in a rooftop chase as Mondatta was ushered away, having been warned by Tracer. In the end, Tracer's pulsebomb backfired and blew both of them into the air. As she fell, Widowmaker took careful aim, and fired a single bullet at the center of Tracer's chronal accelerator. Tracer blinked forward, and the bullet sped on—straight into Mondatta, killing him moments before he entered his limousine. Leaving incapacitated Tracer behind, as Widowmaker was spirited away from London she reflected that spiders did indeed feel—when they kill.

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  • She later reflected that her assassination of Mondatta was one of her finest kills. Widowmaker teamed up with Reaper as part of an attempt to recover Doomfist 's gauntlet. She was hindered in this by Winston and Tracer however. The mission was further complicated by a child stealing the gauntlet, and using it against her. After Tracer disarmed her, she made an escape with Reaper using her grapple, though both agents engaged in pursuit. Sombra was able to take down the facility's security system, allowing Widowmaker and Reaper access to the site. Widowmaker lined up her sights from a vantage point, and waited for Katya to enter her field of fire.

    She almost did, but an alarm sounded, sending the base into high alert and Katya to her fortified office. Widowmaker fired but narrowly missed the CEO, instead shattering the lower half of her hanging right earring.

    Reaper ordered her to stay put while he took her out, but he was waylaid by a mech. Sombra engaged in pursuit, but reported that Katya had escaped. Reaper ordered that the operatives return to their ship. She left a rose on her husbands grave. After Doomfist was freed from his prison by Reaper, he rendezvoused with Widowmaker at a casino in Monaco.

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    He complimented her for her assassination of Mondatta. Sombra, who was on the same channel, told Doomfist to ask her about her failure to assassinate Volskaya, but Doomfist shut down the conversation.

    Widowmaker - Overwatch Wiki

    Doomfist met with Maximilien at a game table; Widowmaker partook in the game while they discussed matters pertaining to Talon. She won quite a few chips, but the game was interrupted by Talon agents sent by Vialli to assassinate Doomfist. The pair fought them off and departed, headed for Venice. Due to her brainwashing, Widowmaker has a malevolent disposition and is very detached from her sentiment. She shows no mercy for her targets no matter who they are and has a love for killing, claiming that it makes her feel alive.

    She also seems to possess vanity when it comes to her skills and looks. However, it is implied that Widowmaker isn't completely emotionless, as there are bits and pieces of evidence which indicate that her former self is still there somewhere.


    An example is when she's resurrected by Mercy in-game, she'll sometimes call out for her husband, or lament the fact that she's still alive. She also visited her husband's grave silently around Christmas, implying that she still possesses emotion to some extent, or that the brainwashing is starting to crack. Sign In Don't have an account?

    Contents [ show ]. Widowmaker Tee - Men's. Widowmaker Tee - Women's. Widowmaker Crouch Spray Tee. Widowmaker Emblem Spray Tee. Widowmaker Hourglass Spray Tee. Fixed a bug where Widowmaker's "Noire" skin would not count towards unlock progress of the "Decked Out" Achievement.