Immortal Monster (Crimescape Book 3)

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And how much of his legend is truth? Anthony Bruno is an expert on the Iceman after researching and corresponding with him for over two years. His full-length book The Iceman: Bruno is currently serving as executive producer for The Iceman feature film. Anthony Bruno is also the author of The Seekers: He acted as consultant to the producers and wrote key scenes. When it came to dreaming up new and exotic ways of killing, he was an artist in a career dominated by gun-toting thugs.

He defied all of the mob stereotypes.


Kuklinski seemed like a reasonable, trustworthy businessman that people would believe when they bought into his too-good-to-be-true deals. His lust for notoriety seemed greater than his lust for money when he claimed that he killed over people, many times more than could ever be substantiated. He was clearly not involved in some of the most high-profile killings. Bruno is currently serving as executive producer for the feature film The Iceman.

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Bruno is well-grounded in the mob culture and has written about it extensively. After finishing graduate school, he moved to Hoboken, New Jersey, and started working in book publishing in Manhattan.

His big break as a writer came in when his crime novel Bad Guys was published in hardcover. Basing his stories on actual Mafia figures and their criminal activities, Bruno pioneered the territory that has made The Sopranos a monster hit. In , Bruno wrote Seven: Bardsley January 2, Book 12 of Bardsley, Mark Gado February 25, Order in the next 20 hours 25 minutes and get it by Tuesday, September Book 20 of More About the Authors.

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I always wanted a "life of crime" writing and publishing stories about real crimes and criminals and turning that knowledge into thrillers. It began with an addiction to Nancy Drew books, recalling that my parents saw the light shining under my bedroom door hours past my bedtime in elementary school. I came by the addiction honestly. Every night my father read Earl Stanley Gardner, Dashielle Hammett, and the like and kept a library of mystery and thriller paperbacks. By the fourth grade I had graduated from Nancy Drew to my father's collection.

Eventually, when it came time to start a career, the prospect of writing for a living didn't seem very practical. I landed a demanding position that quickly evolved into being an editor of five business reference publications.

Crimescape Series by Marilyn J. Bardsley

On top of that had I married a man with five school-age children. I already had one child from my first marriage and then one with the new husband.

It was a very substantial amount of work. It might have seemed that the dream of becoming a writer had been crushed by my responsibilities to my job, family, and education except that when the work day was done and face-time with the kids was complete, my husband and I indulged in our own form of enjoyment -- we wrote stories, screenplays, and books. As we looked at new ideas for books, I remembered hearing about a terrifying unsolved murder case from the s in my city.

There were thirteen official victims, almost of all of whom were killed by expert decapitation. How truly bizarre is that? At that time the famous Eliot Ness from the Capone era was head of the police and fire department in Cleveland. Ness's inability to solve the notorious case seriously tarnished his reputation. I became obsessed with the case and dragged my reluctant husband into our private investigation. Quite reasonably, he argued that it was unlikely that in the s we could ever find the identity of the killer when it had been a top priority of Ness and the resources of a big city police force.

But we did it! It took several years and a huge amount of our time.

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Our reward was death threats, surveillance, the theft of our manuscript, and a shady lawyer who lied his way onto my office staff to spy on me. Why all this drama four decades later? The answer was that we had inadvertently stepped on an old, buried political land mine. Well, this story had a happy ending even though it took a very long time to happen. In early , I finally published The American Sweeney Todd, the nickname the serial killer gave to himself.

I got to know this brilliant man with an extraordinary sense of humor quite well from the mountain of records and documents that I had collected for many years and interviews with his family, colleagues, neighbors, the detectives who followed him, and people close to Eliot Ness. With this intimate knowledge I created the journals of this unusual man whose decades of exhausting work lifted him from abject poverty to a surgeon with great promise but who fell prey to his inner demons and lost it all.

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