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Product details File Size: Endeavour Media April 15, Publication Date: April 15, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is one of those epic family dramas in which a very English family, so English in its attitudes that it almost lapses into caricature, shows how the sins of the fathers is visited upon the next generation.

Lest this review becomes longer that the book, suffice it to say the Uncle Railton becomes involved with the secret world of espionage at the beginning of its establishment and manages to sacrifice everything on the altar of the past and English security. Needless to say it is a past that has treated the family very well but now is the time to pay the piper.

No spoilers but the story line is a bit too byzantine and the characters and plot seem a bit too contrived but Gardner does keep to roller coaster going. So much so that you be will tempted to read the sequel. The book will not disappoint but also will not inspire as other great English spy stories do because it does not ask the great questions only the small ones.

To get the full sweep of the characters and the secret dealings you should read all three books. Spying, double-dealing and a bit of espionage mixed in with extensive character development makes for interesting reading. The going is slow at times and the plot sometimes hard to follow. These are books you invest time in. For those who push through to the end there is a payoff. To those who give up because of sometimes plodding pacing, come back later and try again. One person found this helpful. A long fictional exposition of a British family's involvement in espionage for various sides. This is by no means a quick read, but extremely well crafted and compelling.

The characters are certainly believable and although there are many of them, they are well enough described as to be easily remembered. It reels you in and holds you captive to the last page.

ALIGHT cover unboxing! Book II of the Generations Trilogy

I think John was the true head of the family. He guarded it well. The beginning of the book,filled with massive amounts of information about the characters, really slows the down the reading, thus making it hard to hold ones interest The ending is worth getting through the slow start! Another one of John Gardner's classics. A pleasure to read. It could be made into an interesting TV series or movie. I read this book several years ago and my copy was lost.

I am very happy to find it again and even more excited to know there were two sequels. What do you think? A huge accomplishment to get that 1, and quite a surprise! Chec JULY 19, Testing out using the "review" section to keep my Goodreads pals updated on the progress of Alive. I learned this trick from Michael J Sullivan — he and his wife Robin are whiz-kids when it comes to Goodreads.

Alive is out July 14, That means we're just over four weeks away from release date. Stress City, population 1. We're banging away on marketing at this point, with some really cool stuff planned. We've worked hard to cater to BookTubers, a YouTube sub-culture that, in my opinion, is reshaping the way people talk about books in the US.

We also have a book trailer coming up soon. It's being premiered on a major entertainment site on June 24 unless big entertainment news pushes it out a day or two , so keep an eye on my Twitter , Instagram and at my scottsigler. May 28, Kelly and the Book Boar rated it did not like it Shelves: Find all of my reviews at: In the immortal words of the MC, I have the following to say: He thinks he owns people.

The premise sounded both original and action-packed: A girl wakes up in a coffin-like enclosure in a war-torn environment, discovers there are others both living and dead with her, and has to fight in order to survive. You never want to declare yourself leader. When you do, this happens. A whole lot of this ensues.

There are also various remarks made about symbols the kids have on their forehead. Since this is a YA story, we also have to toss a little horniness into the mix. But then back to walking. For those of you who will? ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 48 comments. It was so cool!

I feel like this is what The Maze Runner way trying to be but failed at miserably. Well, if you would describe yourself as someone who loves YA dystopian novels View all 36 comments. Jan 22, Shirley rated it it was amazing. I am surprised that I finshed "Alive" alive.

It certainly left my heart skipping a beat or two in certain places - dark, enclosed places. However, "Alive" would be enjoyable to anyone who enjoyes YA distopian novels. Others have given a small, spoiler-free, introduction to the book so I won't go into that here. I do feel that many of the characters are well developed, especially the main characte I am surprised that I finshed "Alive" alive.

I do feel that many of the characters are well developed, especially the main characters for this book in the trilogy. I know that some of the minor characters are likely to have their parts grow in the next two books and I'm looking forward to seeing how their characters develop. Overall a great read from an established author and highly recommended. View all 19 comments. I was lucky enough to get an Advanced reader copy of this book from Empty Set Entertainment Thank you!!

From the moment I opened this book and found myself in a coffin, I knew I was in for something dark. I love the way that Scott pulls you into the world he has created and makes your heart race! I don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling it for those Junkies on tender hooks until September. View all 7 comments. Jan 19, Kali Mura rated it it was amazing Shelves: I' m still trying to digest everything I've read. The novel begins with a young girl waking up in an unknown world. At first the book seems like it's going to be a metaphorical exercise about discovering one's identity but then violence creeps into the story as she meets other people.

There's very much a Lord of the Flies vibe here but in this situation, the youths have to deal with hostiles other than themselves. Since revealing too many details about the plot would spoil the surprises in Wow. Since revealing too many details about the plot would spoil the surprises in this book, I'll just say that every time I thought I knew where the story was headed, I was totally caught off guard by an unexpected twist. By the end of the book, I was riveted. And the cliffhanger ending left my brain buzzing.

Alive is a highly enjoyable, action-packed intellectual read for both teens and adults. View all 5 comments. May 30, Victoria rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I heard about his debut into YA fiction, I admit that my hopes were quite high - and Sigler does not let you down! A nameless young girl wakes up in a coffin Despite my anticipation for the next book, this is a satisfying read in its own right.

The conclusion is thrilling, but makes for a natural segway for a second novel. Aug 02, Wendy Darling marked it as dnf Shelves: DNF at 44 pages, because I pretty much hate the writing style. View all 10 comments. This was my first Scott Sigler book. I won a copy of this from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway and really had no expectations and only knew that it was a Young Adult dystopian, sci-fi thing. I entered the giveaway because I love dystopians, and I love sci-fi even more!

Generation One

It sounded really good. Also, my friend Kat was reading it at the same time, so I decided to move this up to the top of my list. So, what did I think? First, I don't think this book is even released until July, so I'm not going to go into it much because it's better if you start out knowing nothing about it. I will say that it has the present third person tense thing going on and lots of short sentences. For some, that is a deal-breaker, but it worked just fine for me.

I have several friends who do not like present tense narration and the short sentences can lead to a choppy, erratic style that doesn't work for them. For me, this is not an issue, but I figure I'd throw that out there for those who dislike that type of thing. Also, just to get the negatives out of the way first, you could say not a lot happens in the first half. For some reason and that usually annoys me , it didn't in this case.

The characters are trying to figure out what is going, where they are, they have very few memories, so there is a lot in the beginning where they are just sort of feeling things out tentatively, and searching There's also a sort of Lord of the Flies vibe where there's a struggle for power and leadership. I had a lot of questions and there were many answers toward the end. I think this is new trilogy, so I'm sure more questions will be answered in the next books.

I was surprised by some of the twists. The story took an awesome turn, but not until well past the first half. So if you get easily frustrated by having to wait for the big reveal, this might not work for you. I found the pacing pretty good, myself. I was interested from the beginning. I wasn't sure if I would like the main character, Em, but she grew on me.

I found myself getting into some of the supporting characters by the end too and really wanting to know what comes next. I can't explain it, really. In a way, there's nothing overly special about this, but it really worked for me. It is very easy to read and by the end, I couldn't put it down. I think if you like all the popular dystopians and YA sci-fi fantasies, you'll like this. I just read Unwind before this, so that could be why I liked it so much, since, even though it's totally different, it has a similar feel to it.

The characters are teens, but it's not really about being a teenager. I will definitely be reading the next one. I might add more later after the release date. This is kind of a difficult review since the author specifically asked people to refrain from spoilers and it isn't released until July and there is a note in the book to not quote until the final print is released, etc. So as I'm writing this, it feels very generic, but I don't really see that I have a choice.

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From what I can tell, this was kind of a new thing from this author, a new genre for him? View all 6 comments. Jan 19, Chris rated it it was amazing. It is not often that an established author with a firm command of a particular genre of writing and a rabid fan base in that genre attempts a new venture. To my knowledge, it's ever more rare to see that author take on a new publisher AND a new genre simultaneously. But Scott Sigler is not unfamiliar with trying new things and this time I'd say it's done with great success.

Fans of Scott Sigler will already know that his books tend to follow common themes and also know that muc No Spoilers here: Fans of Scott Sigler will already know that his books tend to follow common themes and also know that much of his work exists in what he calls the Siglerverse. I'm already scratching my head trying to envision where this intended trilogy will fit into the world of Sigler. Science fiction, monstrous enemies, uncommon heroes, and antiheroes as well as inexplicable symbology is just some of the hallmarks of his writings. This book is not a departure from those comfort foods.

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What is a departure is the usual shock and awe that comes with a steady helping of horror and plot-furthering gore. This story has that gore and shocking images for sure. It wouldn't be a Sigler book without that. But what is new is the first person voice he chooses to write in. I consider first person to be the most challenging form of writing for two reasons: That means the author MUST make the surprises happen from other sources and in a convincing way. But once again, Scott defies the odds. This first person narrative immediately places the reader in panic mode because the main character is also in a panic.

And for good reason. Soon we learn that this will not be the last moment of panic. I saw, as the story went on, discovery of self and of surroundings, exploration of others, of the past and the future all from a single characters point of view. Most interestingly this character sees this same kind of development occurring in others and that is what I liked the most in this story.

It's not something I normally have a chance to see. I also loved seeing the dawning wisdom we see or hope to see in others we interact with was used as a means of learning about and caring about other. No character just appeared to be a red shirt Star Trek but instead we come to care about them as people. Dare I say a certain level of affection for them when the craziness comes.

I am going to recommend this book to fans of Wall-E, Quarantine 1 The Loners, Stargate and your better written dystopian future genre novels. This book is said to be about teenagers in a dystopian situation. Alight: Book Two of the Generations Trilogy (): Scott Sigler: Books

It's not that simple. This book is said to be about said teenagers being trapped. That too is too simplistic a nutshell to describe who is trapped and who is trying to be free. This book will ask you how far would you go if mortality was an option? I can only imagine how far the main characters will go in book two to find out. View all 17 comments. Jan 21, BigJohn rated it it was amazing. Everyone trusts their own memory. At least, we hope we can.

She has the ability to read and speak, but no distinct memories other than it is her birthday. She soon discovers she is not alone, and together with a handful of others in the same circumstance, they work on discovering the truth about the present and their past. Sigler has done it again, providing an engaging story with likable, relatable characters to drive the story forward.

This time he teases you at the outset by announcing this is Book One in a trilogy. Even though Alive is the first, it stands on its own as a complete story, which I really like. Feb 15, Beth rated it it was amazing. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book. A Twinborn is a person with one Allomantic power and one Feruchemical power. There is no relation between the Allomantic and Feruchemical metals of a Twinborn and most of them have different ones. A Twinborn having the same Allomantic and Feruchemical affinities significantly enhances both, even if the abilities themselves are unrelated.

Preservation and Ruin are the two opposing gods of the Mistborn world, Scadrial. They are described as Shards of Adonalsium [18] ; fragments of the power of creation. Preservation and Ruin agree to a pact between gods, with an initial stalemate between them, each aware that only together could they create and achieve their separate goals while knowing they would never gain complete final satisfaction.

Preservation could not keep things perfect and unchanging and Ruin could not destroy completely. Ruin is of destruction, without malice, but intent on reducing everything to the molecular level. Imprisoned by Preservation in an attempt to prevent Ruin from destroying the world, Ruin's consciousness was trapped by the Well of Ascension and kept mostly impotent.

Ruin's remaining strength enables it with small powers to alter writing and Feruchemical Memories, but it cannot alter writing inscribed in metal or normal memories. It was Preservation that wanted to create life on Scadrial, but needed Ruin's help to do so. In exchange for Ruin's help, Preservation promised that Ruin would be allowed to destroy everything one day. However, after they had succeeded in creating the world, Preservation reneged on its bargain and sacrificed a significant portion of its power to create the Well of Ascension as a prison for Ruin to prevent the destruction of the world.

The Steel Ministry is the name of the religion that the Lord Ruler established for everyone to worship him. The Lord Ruler allowed the Nobles to control most aspects of the empire, such as the production of resources, but he used the Steel Ministry to control the Nobles.

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The Steel Ministry has two groups of people who are used to control different aspects of society; Steel Inquisitors and Obligators. Inquisitors are creatures of Ruin; their powers are gained through Hemalurgy. An Inquisitor is created when several Hemalurgic spikes are pounded through a Feruchemist or an Allomancer into the body of a human, usually an Allomancer or an existing Inquisitor.

The Obligators were drawn from the ranks of nobles, usually Allomancers and are trained in the arts of bureaucracy and the teachings of the Steel Ministry. They are marked by tattoos which decorate their face and body; the more tattooed an obligator is, the higher his rank. They serve as witnesses for every possible legal contract e.

Most Obligators are mistings with the power of allomancy called a "seeker", meaning that they can burn a metal to see if there are other Allomancers nearby. This gave the Lord Ruler great control over the nobility, as any contract not witnessed by one of his Obligators, did not officially take place. The Church of the Survivor worships Kelsier, who served as its first martyr. Vin, the Heir to The Survivor and Kelsier's 'disciple', was also worshiped.

Kelsier created the Church as the means of spreading hope for freedom and equality among the Skaa, so they would finally rebel. There are a number of other religions in the series, which are studied for historical and philosophical purposes only. Sazed is a Terris Keeper whose specialty is in pre-Ascension religions. Sazed mentions that the Keepers recorded at least five hundred and sixty-two different belief systems, including sects and branches of the same religions in their metalminds. However, none are currently practiced, as the Lord Ruler suppressed them over the years. In the Mistborn universe, magic is depicted as a supernatural force harnessed by three distinct disciplines: Allomancy , Feruchemy , and Hemalurgy.

All three magic systems are based on metals, which are used by the magician to grant them specific abilities. Their power originates in the Shards, Preservation and Ruin ; the two god -like deities that are present in the Mistborn world. In the Mistborn series, Allomancy is a predominantly genetic ability that allows a person to metabolize "burn" metals, ingested by the Allomancer, for magical powers that can enhance physical and mental capacities.

In addition to these, there are two fictional metals, Atium and Lerasium that are the solid manifestation of the powers of Ruin and Preservation respectively. Anyone who is naturally capable of burning all of the metals is called a Mistborn. There are three sources or origins of Allomantic abilities in the Mistborn world:. The Allomantic metals come in four groupings of four metals: Physical, Mental, Temporal, and Enhancement.

Each of these four groupings have two base metals and their corresponding alloys , which in turn have a related ability that counteracts or balances the base metal. Each metal produces an internal or an external effect. In addition to the basic Allomantic metals, there are two fictional "God metals": Atium and Lerasium and their alloys. Burning lerasium or its alloys can turn regular humans into Mistborn and Mistings respectively. In The Final Empire , an atium alloy called Malatium is revealed, which allows an Allomancer to look into the past. A misting who can only use atium are called seers.

Allomancers who flare their metal intensely for extended periods of time may be physiologically altered by the constant influx of Allomantic power. These Allomancers are known as Allomantic Savants. These people experience heightened ability with, and dependence upon, whatever metal they are burning in such a manner. Under most circumstances, this is considered damaging and it is believed that this process is irreversible, without powerful external intervention.

Feruchemy is a genetic ability found among the people of the Terris region of the Final Empire in Brandon Sanderson 's Mistborn Series. A person who can use only one Feruchemical metal is known as a Ferring , while those who can use them all are called Feruchemists.

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Feruchemy involves the use of the same metals as Allomancy , but rather than ingest the metals, they can be worn or carried by the Feruchemist. Unlike Allomancy , the metal itself is not consumed but is used as storage of the Feruchemist's own attributes. Feruchemists refer to the metals that they use as metalminds. As long as a metal is in contact with the skin and the Feruchemist has stored something in it, it can be drawn upon. Only the Feruchemist that originally stored the attribute can use it. During the events written by Sanderson in The Final Empire , the Lord Ruler hunted any and all Feruchemists he could find and it was commonly believed before The Fall that Feruchemists had been entirely exterminated.

It was revealed in The Final Empire that they had not all been killed and that shortly after The Fall, they began to travel and teach the skaa the things that they needed to know to effectively live and develop on their own. All Allomantic metals can be used for Feruchemy but the primary difference between Allomancy and Feruchemy is the way that the metals are used.

All an Allomancer needs to gain an ability is burn the appropriate metal but a Feruchemist must spend time without whatever attribute they wish to store. The Feruchemist can then tap into those stores at a later time, making themselves superhumanly powerful for a short duration. In The Alloy of Law , it is revealed that the mixing of Allomantic and Feruchemical bloodlines led to the creation of Twinborn ; people who had one Allomantic and Feruchemical ability. Hemalurgy is the third metallic art in the Mistborn series, and is based on the powers of the deity Ruin. It allows the transfer of allomantic and feruchemical powers from one person to another, though with a net loss of power.

It is the least known among the three arts. To use Hemalurgy, a metal spike must be driven through a point in a human body. The spike is then placed into a body of another person, both points determining what power is transferred.