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In , to celebrate the centennial of George Washington 's inauguration as president of the United States, a large plaster and wood Memorial Arch was erected over Fifth Avenue just north of the park. During the excavations for the eastern part of the arch, human remains, a coffin, and a gravestone dated to were uncovered 10 feet 3. The first fountain next to the arch was completed in and replaced in In , it was described as having "a very large circular basin, with a central jet and several side jets.

The monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi was unveiled in Robert Moses became the parks commissioner in He embarked on a crusade to fully redesign the park, and local activists began an opposing fight that lasted three decades. In , Robert Moses had the fountain renovated to also serve as a wading pool.

In , Moses finalized plans to extend 5th Avenue through the park.

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He intended to eventually push it through the neighborhood south of the park, as part of an urban renewal project. Area residents, including Eleanor Roosevelt , opposed the plans.

Washington Square Park

The urbanist Jane Jacobs became an activist and is credited with stopping the Moses plan and closing Washington Square Park to all auto traffic, but Jacobs, in her book The Death and Life of Great American Cities , praised another local advocate in the fight against park traffic, Shirley Hayes: In short, they proposed closing off a roadbed without compensating for it.

Hayes, former Chairman of the Washington Square Park Committee and member of the Greenwich Village Community Planning Board, a local resident and mother of four sons, started a public outcry for the park when large apartment buildings were raised on one of its borders. When then-Manhattan borough president Hulan E. Jack suggested an elevated pedestrian walkway over a four-lane road through the park, Ms. Hayes initiated "Save the Square! Though several different proposals were given for a roadway in the park, Hayes and her followers rejected them all.

Seeking to "best serve the needs of children and adults of this family community," Hayes in turn presented her own proposal: After a public hearing in , a "ribbon tying" ceremony was held to mark the inception of a trial period in which the park would be free of vehicular traffic. In August , the efforts of Ms. Hayes and her allies paid off; from that time forward Washington Square Park has been completely closed to traffic.

Washington Square (novel) - Wikipedia

A plaque commemorating her tireless crusade can be seen in the park today. Since around the end of World War II , folksingers had been congregating on warm Sunday afternoons at the fountain in the center of the park. Tension and conflicts began to develop between the bohemian element and the remaining working-class residents of the neighborhood.

The city government began showing an increasing hostility to the use of public facilities by the public and, in , began requiring permits before public performances could be given in any city park. In the spring of , the new parks commissioner refused a permit to the folksingers for their Sunday afternoon gatherings, because "the folksingers have been bringing too many undesirable [ beatnik ] elements into the park. At about the time the musicians and friends reached the church, the New York City Police Department Riot Squad was sent into the park, attacked civilians with billy clubs , and arrested 10 people.

The incident made the front pages of newspapers as far away as Washington, DC. The New York Mirror initially reported it as a "Beatnik Riot", but retracted the headline in the next edition, although tensions remained for a while. Changes to the park's design include the realignment of the central fountain with the arch, a replacement of the existing perimeter fence with a taller iron fence, and the flattening and shrinking of the central plaza. The plan also called for the downing of dozens of mature trees and the reinstitution of ornamental water plumes in the fountain—which, opponents worried, would undermine the park's informal character.

Five lawsuits were filed to challenge the parks department's renovation plans. A suit was withdrawn by the petitioners as premature. In July , New York County Supreme Court Justice Emily Jane Goodman enjoined any renovation work on the fountain or fountain plaza area, pending further review of the plans by the local community board, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission , and the Art Commission, stating that the parks department misrepresented the project to secure its approval, but this decision was reversed on appeal.

Two more lawsuits questioning the environmental review of the renovation project were heard in by the New York County Supreme Court, then dismissed. Upon the completion of phase one of the park's renovation on May 22, , the Coalition for a Better Washington Square Park, a private organization, began raising money to "hire off-duty cops and maintenance workers to patrol the park" by the summer of On June 2, , the eastern half of the park was reopened to the public, leaving only the park's southwest corner under construction.

Park Information

The presence of street performers has been one of the defining characteristics of Washington Square Park. The rule on which the ruling was based stated that artists could not sell within 50 feet of a monument or five feet from any bench or fence. In , New York University decided to use prison labor to dress the stone for its new building, across from the park, as prison labor from Sing Sing was cheaper than hiring local stonemasons.

The Village Stompers - Washington Square

This, the stonecutters of the city said, was taking the bread out of their mouths. They held a rally in Washington Square Park, and then held the first labor march in the city. That turned into a riot, and the 27th New York regiment was called out to quell the stonecutters.

Lois Weiss

The regiment camped in Washington Square for four days and nights until the excitement subsided. Valid from September 21, to September 23, Valid from September 21, to September 30, Valid from August 4, to September 30, Valid from September 14, to September 30, Valid from September 19, to September 26, Valid from September 20, to September 23, What's new in store? We're welcoming new stores to our line-up of retailers!

It became a Filipino film classic. While this film also takes some liberties with the original text, it is in the main a more faithful adaptation. The novel was adapted as an opera by Thomas Pasatieri in In playwright John W. Lowell penned Sheridan Square: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Washington Square first edition cover.

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Wagenknecht criticizes some aspects of the novel but concedes that it "has certainly attracted more favorable attention" possibly due, he speculates, to the successful Broadway and film versions. He offers several citations of positive critical views in his footnotes. The story's main contexts are based around the narrow upper class society in which the novel is set.

Also wealth and respectability are key contexts very relevant to the development and outcome of the novel. The issue of money is especially key as it was said money was needed to "make a mark in society". Catherine has money but fails to do this. Money is also a key issue in relation to Morris and his greed for wealth which becomes apparent. Works by Henry James. Second Series Guy Domville Henry James 's Washington Square The Heiress Victoria Washington Square