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McCool was working a regular job as a school teacher when she was discovered during the Divas Search. She went on to become one of the best female wrestlers in the company during the PG era. Being a part of the WWE for so long, Michelle understood the grind that WWE superstars are subjected to and perhaps connected with Taker on many levels for this reason. The couple recently celebrated their sixth marriage anniversary, that Michelle McCool commemorated with a beautiful Instagram post.

In the picture, the couple looks very happy, besides one another. Taker has a number of tattoos on his sleeves and neck. Their marriage lasted from until The couple even had two daughters together, Chasey and Gracie. He replaced this with the names of his daughters on either side of his neck to portray his love for them. His marriage with Sara was, in fact, his second. In , four years after their marriage, the couple welcomed their son, Gunner Vincent. However, things did not work out between the two and the couple divorced in , ten years after marriage. The Undertaker wasn't divorced until and then he and Michelle McCool were already said to be dating.

The timeline of this suggests that Sara perhaps found out about The Undertaker's extracurricular activities. Even though they were on the rocks, it must have bene difficult for Sara to find out that The Undertaker had moved on to someone else. That's right, the plot thickens. Both Michelle and The Undertaker divorced their partners within months of each other before they then went on to announce that they were dating each other.

Even though they did decide to date for quite a while before they remarried, with the couple finally exchanging vows in It is thought that there could easily be more to the story, but the WWE Universe may never know for sure and given how private The Undertaker is, probably never will. It was one of the more harsh rumours that the WWE Universe came up with, but it was thought that Michelle McCool managed to become such a big star in the WWE Women's Division during her final years with the company, because she was married to The Undertaker.

Obviously, The Undertaker would have thought that it was because of much bigger reasons, but it seems that the WWE Universe want to believe that Michelle did what she did to get ahead. The four-time Champion herself explained that she had nothing to hide and despite many people backstage in WWE backing these rumours, the couple continues to live together happily seven years after their marriage, which says all it needs to say to all of her doubters.

They seemed like the perfect couple.

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The Undertaker didn't allow his wife to be involved in his wrestling life and she instead would stay at home while he was on the road with the company. Jodi and The Undertaker had a son who was born four years after they married, named Gunner.

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Sadly their marriage didn't work out and after being together for more than a decade, the pair decided to file for divorce in Their divorce was finalized in May , just two days after their son's sixth birthday. And of course, as you are coming to learn, The Undertaker's married life would not end there.

Michelle has been out of the WWE spotlight for a number of years and has instead decided to focus on raising her family out of the spotlight. She put on her Instagram page that she hadn't worn enough sun protection cream and was now being forced to have holes cut out of her skin in order to save her life.

It seems that she is still recovering from these procedures right now, but it did serve as a good warning to the current generation when it comes to sun protection. The Undertaker has one of the best characters that any wrestler has ever portrayed in WWE. The fact that he was able to not only kidnap Stephanie McMahon at Backlash in but then force her to marry him, says how much faith WWE had in his character. Even though Stone Cold Steve Austin came in to save Stephanie, the marriage had already been made official. So in the realm of WWE, is The Undertaker still married to Stephanie, or have the couple had their "union of darkness" annulled?

Yes, we know this is not a real marriage but this article is meant to cover ALL of The Undertaker's marital exploits; real or fake. The problem was that Brian thought that they could get closer.

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While The Undertaker was out on the road with the company, Brian and Jodi had an affair. The affair was eventually found out and The Undertaker obviously divorced his wife of ten years. They had a son, Gunner Vincent born The marriage ended in Calaway married his second wife, Sara, in St. Petersburg, Florida on July 21, The couple had two daughters together: Chasey born November 21, and Gracie born May 15, In , he and Sara were divorced, and he became romantically linked to former wrestler Michelle McCool , whom he married on June 26, in Houston, Texas.

The faction was called The Bone Street Krew and each member had the initials of the faction tattooed onto themselves, with Undertaker's being prominently shown on his stomach. Calaway invests in real estate with business partner Scott Everhart. Calaway is a fan of boxing and mixed martial arts. He has practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu and earned a black belt in under Rolles Gracie Jr.

His striking gloves and Hell's Gate submission a modified gogoplata were also inspired by mixed martial arts. Calaway made his film debut as Hutch in the film Suburban Commando. He had guest roles on Poltergeist: The Legacy and Celebrity Deathmatch. A short series of comic books based on The Undertaker character were published monthly by Chaos!

Michelle McCool, The Undertaker’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts |

Comics between February and January All ten issues were written by Beau Smith , with art by Manny Clark. It focused mostly on his kayfabe background and also featured such characters as Paul Bearer , Mankind and the Undertaker's half-brother Kane. The series has been collected into a number of trade paperbacks published by Titan Books between and , titled WWF Presents: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the professional wrestler. For other uses, see Undertaker disambiguation. Hell in a Cell and The Brothers of Destruction. The Ministry of Darkness.

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2. She Is a Two-Time Diva’s Champion & Women’s Champion

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